Accessible Digital Documents

Accessible Digital Documents

W3C Standards

Developing Accessible Websites – The University of Washington


Carolina Blue & Color Guidelines

UNC has updated their guidelines for web applications to include accessible colors and recommendations for logos.


Keyboard Accessibility

Keyboard accessibility is sometimes overlooked since it is not something that accessibility checkers usually check. Tab through the website to test the keyboard navigation. Improve the site using Skip To sections. Check for focus outlines to indicate where the cursor is on the website. Press enter to select links. Test forms, using the space bar to toggle checkboxes and the up and down arrows for select lists. Press enter to submit forms. Learn about ways to improve the keyboard accessibility of your website.


Transcripts and Captions

Captioning YouTube Videos

How to Get the Transcript from a YouTube Video

If your website includes embedded video or images with text, such as posters or slides, always include a transcript on the page so that the content is easily accessible to screen readers.  Videos should also include captions.


Accessibility for teams

Accessibility is a team effort. Everyone has a role to play. This guide describes a few key items that each team member can use to quickly ramp up on the subject and hopefully improve the overall experience of their app.